Race Information

  • Is the race at the village of Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan?

    No. The race is located at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. 
    Turn into the park at Goodwin House (it's the big old grey house, which is now the park office). Goodwin House is on the south side of the river. Once you're in the parking lot, please follow the signs to the Equestrian Campground. Do not park at Goodwin House. 
    Race HQ is located at the Equestrian Campground in "Trailer Parking." There will be lots of signage. Follow it!

  • Is the race hard?

    Yes, it's awful. Check out the race course pages for more info!

  • Can I run and then volunteer after I'm finished?

    Yes, of course. It's the full meal deal. Just make sure the stuff you sign up for does not happen while you are racing. I know you are good, but you aren't THAT good.

  • Can I have a pacer?


  • Can I race with my dog?

    No. If it's a service dog, please contact us.

  • Can I run with an external speaker?

    Only if you want Jeff to hate you.

  • Can I run with poles?

    Heck ya!

  • Can I run with a stroller?

    No it's not a very stroller-friendly kind of course.

  • Can my crew meet me at aid stations?

    Yes, at #2 Windsor Knot, #4 Goodwin House and #5 Knock-Knock Joke

  • Do I need to cross the timing mats at aid stations?

    Only if you want a time (so yes!).

  • Can I bring a drop bag?

    Yes, drop it off at the main tent on race morning. We will shuttle it to #4 Goodwin House, where it will await you. Remember, nothing too big and obnoxious. 


  • Do we need a provincial park pass for the race? 

    Yes. All vehicles entering the park will be required to have or purchase a park pass. The permits can be purchased online and printed at home, or stop by the entry gate or park office to purchase one.
    Online purchasing option: Sask Parks

  • Is there an official race hotel?

    Yes. Days Inn Swift Current. They are providing discounted room rates for runners and volunteers.

  • Are there hotels or cabins at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park?


  • Is there camping at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park?

    Yes, Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park has two campgrounds open on race weekend, Riverside and Sagebrush. You can book a site by heading over to the park's online reservation system. These campgrounds are located approximately 5 to 10 minutes from the start/finish line.

  • Can I camp at the equestrian campground on race weekend?

    No, it is reserved for staff.

Registration and Race Logistics

  • Can I get a refund if I can't race?

    It depends on what day it is. Please refer to our refund policy for refund info.

  • If I can't come to race kit pickup on Friday, can I pick up my race kit on Saturday morning?

    Yes, but we prefer you do it on Friday if at all possible. It makes Saturday morning a lot less hectic for everyone.

  • Can I pick up a friend's race kit for them?

    Yes, but make sure you have a text message or email from them confirming that this is okay.

  • Can I park at the equestrian campground on the day of the race?

    It depends on where the parking volunteers tell you to park. Follow the signs, and a volunteer will let you know where you park. It might be in the campground, on the side of the gravel road or somewhere else. Please respect these volunteers. They have to get up very early to help make this happen.

  • Can I race with someone else's bib if they haven't officially transferred it to me?

    No, because you aren't registered for the race and haven't signed the waiver, and we can't have you on the course if you haven't done these things. Please don't do this. You may be disallowed to participate in future events if you do this.

  • When will the results be posted online?

    They will be posted on zone 4 as soon as we get to them, which is usually immediately. We will post on social media links once they are up. Or go to Zone 4 and search for Beaver Flat 50.

  • Is there any mandatory gear?

    No, but be prepared for everything... hurricanes, snow, dinosaurs, lava and especially tornado-strength winds.

  • When is the race next year?

    Same weekend.

  • When does registration for next year's race open?

    Probably January 15. But we will let you know on social media and send it out to our mailing list. So get on our mailing list if you aren't!

  • How do I transfer my registration?

  • Where do I go to initiate a bib transfer?

    On the Beaver Flat 50 Race Roster page. Look for the "transfer" button on the right side of the page.

  • How do I sign into Race Roster?

  • Do I need an access code to register?

    No. If it's not sold out, you won't need any codes. If it is sold out, it will say you need an access code to register. We won't give you an access code. It's full! We have to respect the limits on our event permit. If we don't, there will be no race and definitely no access codes!

Looks like fun, doesn't it?