Beaver Flat 50

Who said Saskatchewan was flat? Are you ready to climb? We have 2300 meters/7500 feet of vertical gain on 50 kilometers of very narrow animal trail. It's the Dam Hard 20, plus an additional 30k. And the last 30k makes the Dam Hard 20 look like a walk in the park. It's wet shoes, ankle strain, sandy hands, scratched shins. It's hill repeats in the worst kind of way. There's cacti, juniper bushes, rock, sand, snakes and water. Welcome to the big dance.

Elevation Profile

Total vertical loss/gain of 2255 metres


Leg 1

Who wants to race? Leg 1 is all about staring down the competition and starting with a bang.

Distance: 11.2km

Elevation: 450m


Leg 2

Spring Coulee - did you bring an extra pair of shoes? Cause you’re gonna need them.

Distance: 4.8k

Elevation: 178m


Leg 3

Ahh, the middle legs. So deceptively easy.

Distance: 7km

Elevation: 444m


Leg 4

Don’t let anybody tell you the 4th leg is the hardest… but it might be.

Distance: 9.5km

Elevation: 396m


Leg 5

… so close you can taste the beer…

Distance: 10.4km

Elevation: 449m


Leg 6

The horseshoe has never looked so lovely… 

Distance: 6.5km

Elevation: 297m

Aid Stations and Cutoff Times

Gun goes at 8:00am
Barlow - Aid station 1 - 11km, no cut-off time. Enjoy the views of the wide open prairie fields. Also enjoy how you're probably not even tired yet!
Windsor Knot - Aid station 2 - 16km, 11:30am cut-off time. This aid station is at the bottom of the interpretative trails at the fork.
Wheatman - Aid station 3 - 23km, 1:00pm cut-off time. Make sure you catch your breath at this one because a few ugly climbs are right around the corner.
Goodwin House - Aid station 4 - 33km, drop bag, 3:30pm cut-off time. This is where you can pick up your drop bag. Your feet will get wet a few kilometers before this aid station, so you might want to think about stashing a pair of dry shoes and socks in your drop bag. This aid station is located in the Goodwin House parking lot. This is also the last logical place to drop from the race. 
Knock Knock Joke - Aid station 5 - 43km, 5:30pm cut-off time. Sooooo close... but sooooo far away.
Finish: 6:30pm. You have a total of 10.5 hours to finish and receive your finishers badge.

Course Records

Mike Sidic : 4:37:21 (Vancouver, BC) 2018
Caitlin Schindel : 5:16:20 (Saskatoon, SK) 2022
Sarah Biehl: 5:10:26(Westminister, Ohio) 2023
Chris Balestrini: 4:11:25(London, ON) 2023

Looks like fun, doesn't it?