Diversity & Inlcusion Policy

Prairie Sky Running Co. - Beaver Flat 50 

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Prairie Sky Running Co. is committed to creating an inclusive event for all participants. One key element of our race that keeps people coming back is the community. We strive to ensure all participants feel a sense of belonging, are treated with respect and bring their whole awesome selves to race day!
Inclusive SpacePrairie Sky Running has a zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination. This means racers, fans, and volunteers must be kind, respectful and caring of each other.  ● Harassment is any action, conduct or comment that can reasonably be expected to cause offence, humiliation, other physical or psychological injury, or illness.        ● This can include insinuating that someone has an advantage/disadvantage because of their race, sex, gender, or disability.         ● Asking for proof of someone's sex or gender.         ● Spitting on or at someone. 
● Discrimination is an action or decision that mistreats a person or group for reasons such as their race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.
● Discrimination and harassment can be direct, indirect, and subtle. Microaggressions are forms of harassment and discrimination that will be taken seriously.         ● Indirect and subtle discrimination may include staring and continuing to do so when asked to stop, intrusive questioning, or misgendering people purposefully/repeatedly. 
If you witness or experience any act of harassment or discrimination, please inform race directors as soon as possible so we can address the situation. Prairie Sky Running Co. reserves the right to remove or restrict access to the race for any racer, fan or volunteer who does not adhere to this policy.
Entrance informationParticipants of the Beaver Flat 50 are able to sign up under the following categories:
● Man● Gender diverse (Non-binary, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, two-spirit, genderqueer, or other)● Woman
We will accept each participant's declared gender, and no additional supporting evidence is required. Trans people are welcome and encouraged to register in their affirming categories, regardless of gender expression. At any time, participants may log into Race Roster and change the gender they are signed up as. As with other years, we will be recognizing the top 3 finishers on the podium from the various registration categories – gender, masters, etc. The top 3 from the gender-diverse category will also be recognized! As we continue to learn, we will update this policy as needed. Please inquire or provide feedback to moc.gninnuryksp%40ofni.

Looks like fun, doesn't it?