BFF Trail Work Day - September 10, 2022

BFF Trail Work Day - September 10, 2022

Join us Setpember 10, 2022 at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park for a day of trail grooming in preparation for the 2022 Beaver Flat 50. You're probably saying to yourself, "but this is the weekend before the race!" Weird, I know. But trust us, it's going to be awesome to hang out with us TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW!

And you might also be saying, "but what about Lost Souls, QCM and the zillion other great events taking place that weekend?!" I know, but guys, you're going to get to see Uncle Jeff two weekends in a row! 

Honestly, this was a really tough one to schedule this year. The spring is full full. We couldn't land on a weekend that worked for everyone, so we're going to try something a little bit different. But what won't change is how super fun it's going to be!

We will be doing the following:

- cutting grass

- clearing debris

- pounding in some trail markers that have come loose

- building bridges

- moving dirt

- making jokes

- having fun

- eating bag lunches

We will have a buffet of snacks and food so that you can throw together a lunch before we head out on the trails. And we're defenitely going to feed you supper!

You're responsibility is to be awesome and wear appropriate clothing. We'll have gloves, safety gear, and equipment for people to use.

We'll congregate at the Stock Trailer Parking lot at the Equestrian Campground at 9:00am sharp, make a plan, gear up and head out. Let's do the trails good and make them all nice and beautiful for race weekend.

We are just waiting to hear back from the park regarding the possibility of groups heading out in the spring/summer to clean up the trails on their own. This may be a possibility. You're probably planning to come out for a few long runs anyway, so why not stay an extra day and get a few extra miles while cutting some grass! Once we have confirmation that this is okay, we will let you know. 

To register for the trail work day in September, click the link below.