We are looking for volunteers to help out with a variety of duties on race day, including aid stations, first aid, photography, setup and take down, flagging and deflagging, course sweeping, registration, merch, etc. So if you are looking for a hell of a good time and want to live the Ultra dream for the day, consider joining the ranks of the most awesome, motivating and hilarious volunteer team around.
Please read the followng important information before completing the registration process:
If you are registering for multiple jobs, please check and double check that the times of your jobs do not overlap. In the past, we have tried to accommodate these overlapping shifts but it does make things extra difficult on our end. So please make sure you are not signing up for jobs that have times that overlap. The shift time is in the title of each job. Have a close look. If you would like to stay busy all day, there are more than enough jobs that you don't need to sign up for jobs that have overlapping shift times.

It is crucial that you show up for assigned jobs. If you cannot show up, we understand, life happens, please let us know at least 24 hours prior to race weekend if possible. It is hard to keep things running smoothly if volunteers do not show up for their shifts. Often there just enough volunteers to make things work so a no-show can really throw a curve ball for other volunteers who end up having to work longer and harder than they planned because they don't have the needed personnel at their station.

Volunteers will receive:

● BFF shirt● meal● beer (or other beverage)● praise and love● other swag